Huish Leisure

Be Safe

COVID Return


1.    Follow the rules

We have made every effort to ensure all customers feel safe at Huish Leisure during these very uneasy times. The one-way system, pre-booking and social distancing measures are only as good as those who follow them. All staff will be taking the measures extremely seriously and will ask customers that are not following the simple rules to leave the facility.  


2.    Do not come here to ‘sweat it out!’

If you’re feeling unwell or are presenting with ANY of the symptoms of coronavirus you MUST NOT come to the leisure centre. Although many swear by the old myth of ‘sweating it out’, if you’re ever feeling under the weather, now is not the time to test that myth! We are heavily relying on our customers to be sensible and to only attend the leisure centres activities if they are feeling well enough to do so.