Huish Leisure


COVID Return


-         All bookings, including swimming, must be made either online at or over the phone 01458 251055

-         Online booking PIN numbers can be requested by calling the leisure centre

-         Spaces are limited in all activities. This is in line with the latest guidance

-         Appropriate exiting and re-entry to the centre must be adhered to for mixed sessions

-         All swimming sessions will start on the hour and half past and will last for a total of 25 minutes

-         All dry classes will start at the half hour and last a total of 45 minutes

-         Wet classes will start on the hour and half hour and last a total of 45 minutes

-         There will be an additional 15-minute changing time for all swimming sessions

-         Normal rules apply for all activity cancellations

-         The cut off period for all activities is 4 hours; this now includes swimming and gym sessions

-         Cancellation rules are as follows;

-         Any cancellations within 4 hours of the activity start time will incur a cost of the activity at our Pay as You Go rate. This will apply to all users including those who have taken out the promotion

-         All cancellations outside of the 4 hour cut off time will not incur any costs

-         The temporary membership will allow an 8-day booking privilege

-         If you wish to PAYG, you will be able to book a maximum of 7 days in advance