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Whatever your level of fitness, we offer a wide range of fitness classes and courses to suit your needs. All classes are instructor led, and enable you to have fun and enjoyment while working on strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

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Fitness Classes



Huish Leisure delivers a wide range of fitness classes designed to suit all fitness levels:

Spinning: An intense cardio vascular work-out on static bikes. Spinning covers sprints, hill climbs and mixed terrain work-outs. The class is a fantastic way to increase both heart rate and blood flow. You control your resistance, the instructor controls the pace

Lift and Pump: This class provides a variety of barbell and dumbbell exercises, set to music, that will get the pulse rate up and give you a full body workout. As we age, muscle strength becomes increasingly important as it offers protection against conditions such as osteoporosis. You control the weights you lift. Your instructor controls the muscle groups you exercise.

Zumba: An engaging cardio-vascular work-out set to music. Fast, fun and funky, if you love dancing and music, then Zumba is the class for you.

Kettlebells: Unlike a dumbbell or barbell, the kettlebells centre of mass is offset from the handle. This means the weight constantly pulls against your hand and requires not only strength and co-ordination, but also the use of the other muscles through your arms, shoulders and your core stabiliser muscles. You use around 600 muscles in a workout and exercise your cardiovascular system, too – it's definitely a total body workout! Not ideal for anyone pregnant or anyone with a history of back injuries.

Pilates: Ideal for those wishing to improve flexibility, exercise smaller muscle groups and improve core strength. It also puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.

Aeromix: An energetic aerobic workout offering high and low impact options for all. Focus on cardio, power and agility with added tracks for upper and lower body conditioning. Finishing on the mats with core strength, Please bring your own mat. Great music, fun atmosphere and a change to push your fitness level to the max.

Stretch Fusion: An invigoration mat based workout which combines Pilates and Yoga sequences to improve while body strength and mobility. This class will help you tone up and ease any muscle aches, you will leave feeling strong and supple. Excellent for long term health and well-being. Suitable for all.

H.I.I.T.: Our H.I.I.T. training sessions is regarded as one of the most boundary hitting, wall smashing workout available. Using a variety of equipment this class will target a full body workout through an intense, varied programme. Bring a towel!

Spin H.I.I.T.: 2 of our most intense classes combined...not for the light hearted! Back to back tracks on the bike immediately followed with a 1 track H.I.I.T set.

Triathlon Training: Continuously improve on all 3 disciplines as well as learning the ins and outs of transition. You will need to bring kit for everything and expect to do anything. Please note that through the winter, there will be no cycle or running training. Additional equipment may be necessary, please talk to the coach for more information. 

Workout Well Dance: A friendly, gentle dance and movement based exercise session set to a variety of music including classical, jazz and popular hits from the past. In this class you will work on simple dance and movement phrases that will improve stamina, flexibility and balance, whilst challenging your co-ordination

Pure Stretch: These classes are designed to be light hearted stimulating and interactive. Pure Stretch will improve flexibility, develop core strength and add more balance to your fitness routine. They are choreographed in such a way that all levels of fitness can attend and enjoy!

Tone & Abs: A workout combining standing and mat bases exercises which target the major muscle groups. Focusing on core strength in the abdominals and the back as well as upper and lower body conditioning. All set to music which will motivate and inspire you to fell the burn and get stronger each week. Please bring your own mat

Hatha Yoga: Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to balance our energies.  The literal translation of  Hatha is "Ha" sun (masculine energy) and "ta" meaning moon (feminine energy),  Hatha yoga seeks to balance them both within us to bring peace and wellbeing.  That all sounds lovely, but what does this actually mean when I come to a Hatha yoga class? In a Hatha class we use traditional yoga poses and breath to strengthen our bodies, increase our flexibility and mobility but also to bring ourselves into the present and settle our minds.   

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga: This is a more dynamic and energising form of Hatha yoga. Starting our practice seated to allow time to arrive on our mats and bring our focus out of our minds and into our bodies and our breath. The main part of the practice will involve flowing from one yoga pose to another. Classes will always feature sun salutations in some form and there will be options to increase effort at various points in the practice. Finally, we will finish the practice lying down for a guided relaxation.

Aqua Fit - A fun low impact workout suitable for all. Focuses on aerobic exercises using water as resistance to tone and strengthen.

Aqua Zumba - Combines Zumba rhythm and dance steps in water suitable for all. It offers a fun water based, body toning workout. 

Workout Well Tai Chi - Gentle exercise which integrates mind and body through the co-ordination of flowing, controlled movement with the breath. Excellent for improving strength and balance.

Walking Football - Exactly as it suggest - a standard game of football where players walk instead of run.