Huish Leisure

Holiday Activities

at Huish Leisure, Langport, Somerset


Every holiday we offer a full range of activity days to entertain, educate and exercise your kids. The structured days offer a variety of activities guarenteed to keep your kids busy. All activities are available to 5-14 years.

Some of our most popular days include;

  • Bounce and Flip
  • Military Mondays
  • Wet Wednesday
  • Whack It
  • Arty Party
  • Circus Skills
  • and many more...

All days require a packed lunch, refillable drinks bottle and snacks throughout the day. Each child will need to wear comfortable/appropriate clothing for the day. Please call the centre to find out more information or email the Junior Activity Co-ordinator Chloe -

Limited places available. Email Chloe to be added to the distribution list.

Terms and Conditions - please read and fully understand when booking your child/children onto our holiday activities.

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Behaviour Policy



Huish Leisure believes that all of our junior users have a right to be valued, respected and safe. For this to happen we must offer clear guidance of acceptable behaviour and the actions that we will take should behaviour become unacceptable.

We ask that the Parents and Guardians respect and support the Huish Leisure Junior Behaviour Policy to ensure acceptable behaviour is maintained whether your child is having a swim, attending a lesson or activity session

Huish Leisure Behaviour Policy