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Huish Astro is a brand new, state of the art, 3G artificial grass pitch. Opened in September 2015 by Academy Principal Andrew Davis and members of Yeovil Town's first team, the pitch is used by the FA South West Centre of Excellence along with many local football clubs and community users.

The floodlit pitch is a 3rd generation artificial grass pitch (AGP) with a rubber crumb base, perfect for football and rugby. The pitch can be used for junior games or split into thirds for smaller 5-a-side games or training sessions. The pitch also includes markings for a full size hockey pitch with hockey goals.

Footwear Guidelines:
To protect and maintain the high quality of the playing surface we ask that only approved footwear to be worn at all times when on the pitch.
Permitted footwear includes screw in football/rugby boots (studs must not exceed 15mm) and moulded football boots. TRAINERS AND BLADES ARE NOT PERMITTED. For more information on footwear please contact the centre.

If you are interested in hiring the 3G Astro for a one off booking please call the centre on 01458 251055 or for a block booking please email the bookings co-ordinator Cheryl -

Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions



1.     Interpretation

a.     “Agreement” shall means the agreement for hiring, signed by or on behalf the company and the hirer.

b.     “Booking period” means the period of any day or days reserved by the hirer.

c.     “Centre” means any part of any recreation facility under the control of the Company and including its grounds, car parks and access roads.

d.     “Company” means Huish Leisure Limited or associated companies and any Officer authorised to perform any particular duty.

e.     “Hirer” shall mean the person or persons signing the agreement of the Company or organisation on whose behalf the agreement is signed.

f.      “Hire Period” means the period during which one or more bookings have been made and confirmed; the time period on each booked occasion included the removal from stores, setting up, dismantling and returning to stores any equipment. 

g.     “Manager” includes Duty Officers and any other members of staff authorised by them to perform any particular duty.

h.     “Major Event” definition.  A major event is defined as any booking in excess of four hours duration.

i.      “Minor Events”. All other bookings shall be considered as minor events.

j.      “Organisation” shall mean the Company or Organisation for whom the Hirer works or is employed.

k.     “Seasonal Block Bookings” shall mean booking s of a recurring nature.

l.      “Series of lets” shall mean ten or more sessions for the same sport or activity taking place at the Centre with an interval between each session of at least one day and not more than fourteen days.  The facilities are let out to a school, club association or an organisation representing affiliated clubs or constituted associations and the person to whom the facilities are let has exclusive use of them during the sessions.  

2.     Hirers Responsibility

The terms and conditions of Hire as set out below shall remain in force until such time that the hire period has been completed.  Should the hirer cease to work for or be employed by the Organisation before the hire period has been completed then the hirer shall immediately advise the manager that he no longer acts as hirer for the organisation and the organisation will immediately provide a new hirer authorised to sign a terms and conditions of hire agreement.  Failure to provide a new hirer may result in the hire period being cancelled by the Manager. 

3.     Correspondence

All correspondence shall be addressed to the Manager. 

4.     Bookings/Payments

Organisation must make an application in writing on the appropriate form, which may be obtained from the centre before the date required for hire.  Seasonal block bookings may not exceed the period specified by the company.  The company reserves the right to refuse any application for any hiring. 

5.     Hiring fee

The hiring fee for use of the facilities shall be determined by the company.  The company reserves the right to alter any changes without notice up to the time of confirmation of the booking by the company.

6.     Admission

a.     The Manager will advise the hirer of the maximum number of admission that will be allowed for any event. Under no circumstances will the hirer or organisation allow the maximum number of admissions to be exceeded.

b.     Any person may be required to produce evidence of membership of an organisation using the premises or membership to the centre. 

c.     If such evidence cannot be produced, a separate admission fee may be changed.

d.     The Manager may refuse the admission on any person or may require any person to leave the centre without giving reason for doing so, whether or not that person is a valid member of the centre or an affiliated organisation hiring the centre.

7.     Payment

a.     Organisations will be invoiced for the hire period as specified by the Manger.

b.     Payment must be made within the time specified when making the booking.  This will be confirmed.

c.     Payment will be required prior to the hire period beginning.

8.     Cancellation by Hirer

If the hirer or organisation cancels the Hire Period for any reason then the following rebates on the hiring fee will apply:

a.     For a cancellation within seven days or less before the hire period 100% of the total hire fee will be paid. 

b.     As a series of lets are exempt from VAT, the series is to be paid as a whole. In the event of a cancellation part way through the booking a charge for VAT on the sessions have taken place will be made to the hirer.

c.     The above charges will be levied irrespective of whether the facilities are subsequencey rehired. In addition any other payments which have been made by the company in association with the hire period will be levied against the hirer. Repayment of booking fees or any other percentage thereof is in accordance with provision of this paragraph and will only be made if the cancellation is made in writing and received at the centre prior to the booking date and within the period specified above.  

9.     Cancellation by the company

a.     The company reserves the right to cancel any booked period or hire period and to end the hire period at any stage during it.

b.     The hiring fee already paid in respect of any period cancelled or terminated under 9a will be refunded.

c.     The company will not be responsible for expenditure undertaken or loss incurred by the hirer in connection with a cancellation or termination under 9a. 

d.     The user of certain facilities within the centre during a hire period may be prohibited and/or varied by the company at any time and for whatever reason.

10.   Equipment to be borrowed or hired

The hirer shall agree with the manager at the time of booking the equipment required to be used during the booked period.  If available the company will provide the equipment at the applicable rate of hire.  Should the company be unable to provide the required equipment the hirer may with the managers’ agreement be allowed to bring their own equipment to the centre in which case use of that equipment will be the sole responsibility of the hirer.

11.   Damage of loss of property

Unless caused by its own negligence the company excepts no liability for damage to or loss of any property or articles or things what so ever placed or left in the centre or any part thereof by an organisation or member of any organisation or any individual attending any minor or major events.

12.   Portable electrical devises

No portable electrical appliance is to be brought into the centre and used in the centre without the prior agreement of the Manager.  Any such appliance must have been inspected beforehand in accordance with current institute of electrical engineers regulations and bare a dated sticker or other endorsement with that effect. 

13.   Property left at the venue

The company may remove and store any property left by the hirer after the termination of the booking.  If after receiving notice the hirer fails to collect property within 7 days, the company may dispose of the property without further notice to the hirer.

14.   Damaged caused

The hirer shall on demand pay to the company the reasonable amount incurred by the company in repair or replacing as appropriate together with the company administration fee of 10% of the repair or replacement cost any damage to the fixtures, fittings, apparatus, equipment, furniture and other contents.  The amount of such damage shall be certified by the company whose decision shall be final.

15.   Indemnity

The hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the company against all claims, demands, action or proceeding in respect of death of, or injury without limit to, any person or damage to or direct or indirect loss or damage to property belonging to any person during the course of, or in consequence of the hiring unless caused by the company’s negligence.

16.   Insurance by hirer

a.     The hirer shall at its own expense take our 3rd party liability insurance with an insurance company or repute to cover loss of or damage to property (whether the company’s or belong to an individual) and injury or death of any person caused by the hirers’ negligence during the hire period or in connection with it.  

b.     The hirer will provide to the company, at the time of signing the terms and conditions of hire, a copy of the relevant insurance policy or certificate by way of confirmation that this insurance has been arranged. 

c.     The amount of cover may vary from time to time and may be set by the Manager of the premises.  The hirer will be notified of the sum involved with the notification of hire charges the sum will not be less than £5 million. 

d.     The hirer is notified that the companies insurance does not extend to property brought onto the premises in connection with the hire, in respect of fire, theft, loss or any other damage.

17.    First aid incident or other emergency incident

a.     In the event of accident, incident and/or injury, the hirer will at once alert a member of staff at the centre who will take the appropriate action.

b.     A hirer may be requested to provide additional first aid cover for larger events; this must be provided by a recognised organisation e.g. St Johns Ambulance, British red cross society.

c.     All first aid treatments, incidents and emergencies must be recorded in accordance with the company’s current procedures.

18.   Infringement of copyright

The hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the company against all claims, legal fees, court fees, damages, demands, action and proceedings in respect of any infringement of intellectual property rights by an unauthorised public performance or use of recording apparatus or contrivance at the centre by the hirer or his agent.

19.   Broadcasting and filing rights

No hirer booking the centre may grant broadcast (sound or television) or filing rights without prior written consent of the company.  As a prerequisite of consent being given, the company reserve the right to take part in any negations, to be party to the terms and conditions of any agreement reached and to take all or share any income and publicity derived therefrom.

20.   Performing rights

The hirer shall not play or permit to be played records, compact disc, radios or take recorders in the centre without the express prior permission of the manager.  Any unlicensed or unauthorised performance or broadcast that attracts a penalty will be the sole responsibility of the hirer who will forthwith indemnify and keep indemnified the company. In addition no amplified music may be played to broadcast at the Astro facility. 

21.   Photographs and video recordings

Photography’s for professional use and publication thereof must not be taken without the express prior permission of the Manager.  The use of video recording is not allowed without the express prior written permission of the manager.    

22.   Advertising

The hirer shall not advertise or publically announce any event to take place at the centre without the prior written approval of the manager.  The hirer shall submit proofs of all indented advertising to the manger prior to publication for their authorisation.  

23.   Sales of goods

The hirer shall not without the prior consent in writing of the management sell or supply or permit any other person to sell or supply or offer for sale goods of any kind in the centre during the hire period. 

24.   Intoxicating drinks

The hirer is not permitted to arrange for, or permitted the sale or consumption of alcohol on the premises of the centre without the prior written permission of the manager.  If such permission is given, the hirer will be told of any licencing applications or permissions that must be sought and granted by the authorities, prior of the sale or consumption of alcohol to which it relates.

25.   Notices

The hirer shall not display any notices or decorations (external internal or external) with the express permission of the manager.

26.   Alterations to fittings

The hirer shall not alter or interfere with any equipment or fittings of the centre or structure thereof.

27.   Gambling

The hirer shall not hold or permit to be held any sweepstake, raffle or other lottery on the premises during the hire, other than one which is permitted by law (and registered if the law requires) and has the prior written permission of the Manger. 

28.   Rules for users

The hirer will do nothing to undermine the published rules for users for the centre, for example in regard to vehicle parking, smoking, required activity dress and access by animals.  The hirer will use his/her best endeavours to inform all those involved in the use of the premises during the hire period of these rules and to encourage compliance with them.  The hirer accepts that the manager reserves the right to exclude from the premises anyone breaking such rules and/or causing nuisance to other users of the centre or those in nearby premises.

28 A – specific rules are in place for the hire of the Huish Astro facility

a.     The correct footwear, Astro or moulded studs must be worn at all times.  Spikes, metal studs, blades and muddy footwear may not be used

b.     All users of the Astro facility must be conducted in a proper and orderly manner and for the authorised purposes only. 

c.     The spectator area may only be used by those hirers with a permitted booking.

d.     Entrance to the Astro facility must be via the allocated walkways.

e.     No food or drink is to be taken onto the Astro facility other than players refreshments. All litter, including bottles and cans must be disposed of in the bins provided.

f.      Huish Leisure limited operates a strict no chewing gum and no smoking policy, including within the spectator areas.

29.   Vacation of premises

The hirer must ensure that the hired part of the centre and any equipment used is left clean and tidy and that the equipment is left in the same condition as found at the start of the hire period. The company reserves the right to levy any additional cleaning charge should the premises be left in such a condition as to necessitate unreasonable extra cleaning. Damage to equipment will be charged to the hirer at the cost of repair plus 10% administration fee as set out in paragraph 15 above.  If damaged equipment cannot be repaired then the full replacement cost will be charged to the hirer. 

30.   Health and safety

a.     The hirer agrees to comply with the risk control measure that form part of the risk assessment for the premises, under the management of the health and safety at work regulations 1992.  These measures include minimum qualifications to those leading, teaching, coaching and/or supervising activities and compliance with the rules and advise of the relevant governing bodies for particular activities. Swimming pools are the subject of written pool safety operating procedures including the normal operating plan and emergency action plan.  A separate document is to be competed for pool hire in accordance with current guidance from the health and safety commission. 

b.     CCTV – CCTV cameras are in installed within the centre and the Astro.  Hirers should be aware that images are being monitored for the purposes of crime prevention and public safety.

31.   Breach of conditions

The hire shall be responsible for ensuring that the terms and conditions of hire are complied with by all persons using the centre arising out of or in consequence of hiring.  In the event of the hirer breaching any of the terms and conditions of hire, the company may at the manager’s discretion cancel the booking and all future bookings.  The hirer shall remain liable for all charges including cancelled future bookings.

32.   Data Protection

Huish Episcopi Academy is committed to maintaining the personal data that you provide in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. You may be assured that Huish Episcopi Academy will treat all personal data as confidential and will not use or process it other than for legitimate purposes. Steps will be taken to ensure that the information is accurate, kept up to date and not kept for longer than necessary. Measures will also be taken to safeguard against unauthorised or unlawful processing and accidental loss or destruction or damage to the data. Huish Episcopi Academy may use your personal data to keep you informed about services and special offers that may be of interest to you. If you do not wish your personal information to be used in this way please write to us. We will not pass your details to any other organisation.