Huish Leisure

Sponsorship Deal

Kraven Enterprises LTD


Huish Leisure are pleased to announce a five-year sponsor deal for their annual Triathlon Events with Kraven Enterprises Ltd. This arrangement results in the purchase of brand new bespoke sports racking for the Triathlons.

John Wright, Managing Director of Kraven Enterprises Ltd., has been involved with the Triathlon since the very beginning in 1994 and is keen to support the growing success of one of the best and most popular triathlon events in the South West.  Mr Wright explained that, because of this involvement, the company are proud to be associated with the Langport Triathlons and to assist in its smooth running and continuing growth.

Kraven Enterprises Ltd, based in South Wales, has a good reputation working for major industrial and utility companies and the railway infrastructure.  The Company have, for some time, shown that sport is at the heart of their social corporate responsibility and providing financial help to the community is an important aspect of the business.  The company continues to support local sporting and charity events. 

Carrie Childs, Huish Leisure Manager started “I am delighted we have been able to secure sponsorship from Kraven Enterprises Ltd.  It will transform our triathlon events and ensure sustainability for future years”.

The Langport Triathlon will be celebrating its 25th year in 2018. 

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