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Fitness Through Lockdown

When you want


Here we go again....This time we come prepared!

Thank you to everyone who has hired equipment ready for the lockdown classes. The centre is now closed, however our amazing instructors have committed to providing you with classes each week to keep your fitness levels up, ready for our return.

How will it work?

Every Friday we have instructors recording exercise classes which will be uploaded to our YONDO page. You will have access to these videos for 7 days before another routine is released. This way you can schedule your lockdown fitness when you want. No need to join in at 8.30am on the dot!

You'll simply;

- log into your account
- select the video that you want 
- pay for that video once
- you then have unlimited access to that video for 7 days.

What classes will be available?

Tai Chi
Lift and Pump
Tone & Abs
Pilates (from week 2)

Not used online classes before?

Head over to our Online Classes page on our website to sign up for your free YONDO account. There you will also see our FAQ's for online classes.


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