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The 25 metre indoor swimming pool will provide the Primary School students, Academy students and the local community with swimming all year round.

The swimming pool will be supervised by RLSS qualified lifeguards, providing a safe environment.

Remember to check swimming pool ratios and times before coming to swim at Huish Leisure.

For pool amendments and Bank Holiday opening times please see the ‘What’s Going On’ board in Reception, visit our website or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates.

Term Time Pool Programme
Holiday Pool Programme
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Swimming Pool Etiquette

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Swimming Pool Etiquette

at Huish Lesiure



Swimming Pool Etiquette

  • Swim wear must be appropriate, thongs, denim shorts, and ill fitting swim wear are not appropriate and lifeguards will ask you to change
  • Babies must wear suitable swim nappies with a well fitted costume, nappies are available to purchase at Reception
  • For hygiene reasons please use showers provided in pool hall before entering the pool
  • Lockers are provided (£1 refundable) Huish Leisure cannot be held responsible for any personal belongings
  • Be aware of lane structure and when applicable adhere to lane policies
  • The use of snorkels, flippers, hand paddles and other equipment are prohibited, except during specific sessions i.e. Triathlon Training

Management reserve the right to amend the programme at any time without prior notice. By paying for your swim you have agreed to the Huish Leisure Terms and Conditions.